Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The crisis of youth..

City Council...that time of the year

Along with a garland spray of oak pollen, Austin will be germinating new seats in City Hall with early voting for City Council members this week. Personally, as a former City reporter for the Daily Texan, I'd have to say that your vote does matter in a slight, unduly optimistic kind-of-way. Regardless of your political disposition, it's always healthy to understand that politicians are people too. Jennifer Kim, my personal favorite because of race and education, has released her cute and overwhelmingly cheesy advertisement. Her incumbency relies on the faith of several 'noobs' who don't understand her tainted track record over social policies, especially the whole "pan handling" fiasco which she introduced.

Whether or not she is a 'viable' option for the seat, I am going to have to give my full support towards her goals in becoming a fulfilled Asian American woman. The reason: She's asian. And there is no doubt that we need more representation, any in that case, despite contentious arguments claiming her to be a 'corporate-loving' fiend. Personally, I've had a chat or two with the gal, and she's a-okay in my books. (but then again, it's her job to smile and gain popularity).

To a fine Asian American Lady climbing up the ladder of upward mobility...Good Luck.


The springtime of youth demands so many things: a deep desire of lust, a sweltering feeling of belonging, but most importantly, our vitality depends on our appearance. Luckily, if you have been feeling a bit 'grunged' out lately, there is a trend kickin in.

Impressionism is all about deconstructing the norm. As a radical of a crazy social construct, it should be deemed a worthy task to piece an outfit that 'breaks the rules'. Just like rebels of their time, Paris-based artists reverted to a more instinctual painting form of expression, including free brush strokes, vivid colors as well as the avoidance of black. Take this into account when developing your next spring getup...here are some inspirational ensembles that will make an atmospheric shift to reflect the butterflies and the floating pollen.

Introducing Ralph Lauren's Ascot lady theme for Spring 08:

Monday, April 28, 2008

My new shoes...I adore.


These are the latest edition to my wardrobe...

These sneakers were 'returned' at the local urban outfitters here in austin. Someone didn't like em, but I loved em. They were the only one's in shop, so that means DI$COUNT!!! fa sho.

They are inspired by a certain dualism : where street meets a hint of classy pointed toe boots...hence its name: Sneaky Steve's Rodeo black leathers...PIMP.

Grand Theft Mutherfuckin Auto 4

So... to all you suckas:

I've got the aural/visual ecstasy to get my hands on the newest grandtheft sequence. Right off the back, the character is introduced as a italian prick experiencing a sense of cultural clash. Because he sick of the 'land of opportunity', he decides to fulfill his life with crime, bitches, and cars. Lots of them...

The game got in early. So what?

The soundtrack? 17 out of five...it immediately starts of mad hype with an official trip hop anthem. You drive a taxi right off the back, and the GRAPHICS are supreme and prestine....the map is the same as the latter game, but it's all good. It will bring a certain violent nostalgia I look forward to bringing ruckus in. Game time; by the way, my life will be over for awhile. :)

The game is extremely realistic, moreso than its previous encounters. This is the gta i've always wanted, and right off the back you can explore the entire map. Did i mention the graphics? lol...too good.

Upon entering a spiritual landscape...

I returned to the natural world, awakened from a pensive and ethereal trance, with a song in mind. It was the conclusion to a long, and frustrating clash with emotion, hope and dreams. Here is my latest track...titled "Epic" aka...enter an astral plane of longing and peace...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plovos ambience

the paointing is reminds me of my grandmother. for some reason...if she was flourished in the spanish royalty.